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  • 1.Театр.History of the theatre.The first theatre appeared in Greece and then in England. The first permanent theatre in London was built bu a carpenter, James Burbage, who was also a part-time actor.As in Greece, there were no women on the stage.In the first theatre in played Shakespeare’s plays. First name theatre — «The Theatre».First theatre.The picture is not very clear, but it does seem to show the main feat ures of an Elizabethan unroofed, public theatre; Audence onle three sides and round; Tickets to the galleries were more expensive; Platform-stage was a wall with doors; And some towers. Time of the performances took place in early afternoom.
  • CinemaCinema provides moving pictures as an art form. Cinema may also be called films or movies.A film produces an illusion of motion by presenting a series of individual image frames in rapid succession. Films are produced by a crew that handle the cameras, sets and lighting. The cast consists of actors who appear in front of the camera and follow a script. After the film has been shot, it is edited then distributed to theaters or television studios for viewing.TheatreTheatre encompasses live performance such as plays, musicals, farces, monologues and pantomimes.CircusCircus acts include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, hula hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists and other stunt-oriented artists.ComedyComedy provides laughter and amusement. The audience is taken by surprise, by the parody or satire of an unexpected effect or an opposite expectations of their cultural beliefs. Slapstick film, one-liner joke, observational humor are forms of comedy which have developed since the early days of jesters and traveling minstrels.ComicsComics comprise of text and drawings which convey an entertaining narrative.[7] Several famous comics revolve around super heroes such as Superman, Batman. Marvel Comics and DC Comics are two publishers of comic books. Manga is the Japanese word for comic and print cartoons.Caricature is a graphical entertainment. The purpose may vary from merely putting smile on the viewers face, to raising social awareness, to highlighting the moral vices of a person being caricaturised.А не легче закинуть в Гугл, там столько всего на эти темы